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Fan Mailmashit.com

This site used to be awesome and deserve the title of mashit.com Now all you have is crap RnB beats and dodgy dance shit. What happened to all the Aaronspectre, Bongra, DJC (his decent mixes like breakment), shitmat, dj sockmonster, dj skunk, enduser???
At this rate you should think of changin your name, get rid of the first few letters or something.

sorry to sound like an asshole, but your site used to be awesome. I’ve given up on it now and its not just me, everyone i know who’d listen to our style music has said how shit this site has become and that they never come on it anymore.

just thought you would like some feedback

Thanks for the feedback, Han. I’m sorry that you and your friends don’t appreciate the direction that Mashit has gone in. Our tastes are eclectic and therefore we’re not interested in being locked in to any one kind of music. We enjoy the style of music you’re talking about and often post about it on this blog, but we would get board real quick if that’s all we posted about.

In addition to all our “crap RnB beats and dodgy dance shit” we’ve posted the following DJ mixes you might like:

You may also appreciate these titles we’ve recently released in our MP3 download shop:

We’ll go out on a limb and post some goofy stuff here sometimes because we like to have fun and not take ourselves to seriously, but we also have a deep passion for music of all kinds and are interested in exposing our readers to new sounds which may fall outside their comfort zone.

Bottom line: We’re not trying to appease a particular audience. We’re just doing what we enjoy and apparently some of our 2,500 monthly returning visitors like it too.

Thanks again for the feedback.

6 thoughts on “Fan Mail

  1. Hi,

    In stark contrast to your last “fan mail” i would like to thank the mashit crew for bringing such a diverse range of music to my computer. I really would be lost without you 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    Ed Holland

  2. it’s funny that this post about r&b-haters is also the title of a TLC album.

    I hate to say it, but it’s people like this dude that have been slowly pushing me away from jungle in the past few years. The culture has just become to full of ignorant, bigoted, macho, confrontational fools who know nothing about the roots of the actual music.

    Here’s the little spiel I give them whenever anybody in dance or electronic music disses r&b, house, rap/hip hop, kraftwerk, techno, homosexuals, black people, white people, reggae, disco, detroit, chicago, rave, EBM, the art of noise, whatever:
    “The music YOU listen to is the DIRECT product of (the thing you just dissed)–given, it’s been mixed with a few other things, but it is still ultimately the baby of (thing you dissed). The fact that you don’t realize this only speaks to your profound ignorance about the culture you claim to be a part of. I’m not saying you have to LOVE (thing you just dissed), or even like it, but you need to fucking respect it, and treat the people who do like it accordingly.”

    just my thoughts…

  3. The diversification of mashit is what has brought me back to the website. I really enjoy the eclectic mix, keep it coming. There are plenty of other sites where you can go to hear some rigidly defined and highly specific beats.

  4. evolution’s a bitch. next thing there’s gonna be minimal techno on this site (gasp!)

    i would hate to hear rhythym & sound or basic channel shit here.

  5. its true man, this site used to be fucking excellent now its full of house shit, bring back the nasty beats, man.

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