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Kid Kameleon; “Aim High”, “Aim Low” Mixes

Peter Hollo from Sydney, Australia’s Utility Fog radio show recently emailed asking if we could “bring Kid Kameleon out of hiding” for a Kid Kameleon Aim High Art by InkcoreMashit DJ Mix. Soon thereafter Kid K popped his head out and offered up not just one, but a 2-part mix, to be released jointly by Mashit and the awesome London-based culture portal, Spannered.

Here at Mashit we’re serving up the Aim High mix which is ironically full of super-LOW dubstep basslines. Meanwhile over at Spannered they’re presenting the Aim Low mix which we haven’t heard yet but can only assume has a lot of high-end frequencies going on(?).

Kid Kameleon Aim Low Art by InkcoreIn addition, Kid K commissioned Caracas, Venezuela’s graphic designer extraordinaire, Inkcore to design art for the 2 mixes. You can check out more of his work here and here.

Without further adu, allow us to give you:

Download: Kid Kameleon; Aim High


  1. DJ Panzah Zandahz; Planet Telex Loop (Token Recluse)
  2. DZ; My Roots (Dub)
  3. Elemental; Raw Material (Hot Flush)
  4. Sky City Rising; Fever Gasp (Broklyn Beats)
  5. Starkey; Instant Response (Trouble and Bass)
  6. Scuba; Out There (Hot Flush)
  7. Nyabingi; Japanese Wolf (Hot Flush Dub)
  8. Dark Angel; Cool N Humble [Untold Rmx] (Boka Dub)
  9. Cotti feat. Kingpin; Let Go Mi Shirt (Soul Jazz)
  10. Boxcutter; Philly (Hot Flush)
  11. Grievous Angel; Immigrant (Hot Flush Dub)
  12. DZ; Strong On Ya (Scuba)
  13. Solvent; Think Like Us (Bombaman Remix) (Lo Dubs)
  14. Rogue State; Bounce Step (R8 Records)
  15. Dutty Dubz; Gameboy Love (Aeclectrick)
  16. Clouds; Elder Dub [Ras Amerlock Rmx] (Jahtari)
  17. Kode 9; Magnetic City (Soul Jazz)
  18. 2562; Channel Two (Tectonic)
  19. Benga & Coki; Night (Tempa)
  20. Mala; Left Leg Out (DMZ)
  21. Matty G; West Coast Rocks [Caspa Rmx] (Argon)
  22. Taal Mala; 4AM Request Line (Dub)
  23. Pinch; Step 2 It ft. Rudie Lee (Soul Jazz)
  24. Clouds; Harvest (Dub)
  25. Ital Tek; Deep Pools (Square Records)
  26. Demonic 1 & Dr. Coil; Kids in The Rain (Swaeg)
  27. Boxcutter; Brood VIP (Hot Flush Dub)
  28. Dot; Firered (Dub)
  29. The Bug; Skeng ft. Killa.P & Flow Dan [Kode 9 Rmx] (Hyperdub)
  30. Pinch; Angels in the Rain ft. Indi Khur (Tectonic)
  31. Tinhead; Hoodkill (Dub)
  32. DJ Pushups; Game Over (Dub)
  33. DJ Panzah Zandahz; You and What Army (Token Recluse)

Kid Kameleon Aim Low Art by Inkcore

Now go listen to Kid Kameleon; Aim Low at Spannered ->

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  1. THANKS for the mix!

    BUT… Sidney?

    from Sydney Australia : )

    BTW can you please come on a tour down our way? and bring KK too. k thanks

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