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Mashit Release: Murderbot “Ruff In The Bunny Fizness”

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Murderbot Ruff In The Bunny FiznessLast month we kicked off the Mashit MP3 download shop with the exclusive MP3 release of DJ C’s Sonic Weapons album.

Next up we present Murderbot’s Ruff In The Bunny Fizness, an album of 11 jungle-rave anthems. This, the first full-length album from Murderbot, contains super-crisp, remastered versions of his notoriously wicked 12-inch singles, along-side a fewShopping Cart Icon never-before-released super-exclusives, and the most adorable conquering lion of judah cover-art ever to exist.

All tracks can be previewed and then purchased as high-quality, 320kb MP3s. The album comes with full, printable cover-art and liner-notes and all the files are properly tagged, including BPM to make it easy for you DJs out there.

-> Ruff In The Bunny Fizness MP3 Download <-