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Once upon a time a crew of Boston rhythm scientists spent months locked away in the labs developing fresh beat formulas especially for the Boston Bouncedance-floor. The outcome of their experiments is a new fusion of sounds influenced by dubstep, Baltimore club, German techno, reggae and more.

Recently, [DJ C and DJ Flack] were among the artists featured on the (((Re:Sounnd))) compilation, coinciding with a gallery exhibition that studied the links between outlaw soundsystems and the creation of indigenous electronic music scenes from Jamaica to detroit to the UK. That comp was the debut of ‘Boston Bounce’ – think Baltimore club with a triplet swing beat thrown in – created… as Boston’s own local contribution to that pantheon.
– The Fader

You may have heard some of DJ C’s Boston bounce tracks, like his remix of M.I.A.’s U.R.A.Q.T. on her Galang ’05 single (XL Recordings), or his productions with Zulu for the Death$ucker and Community Library labels. But here for the first time is a compilation that brings together 14 bouncy bangers from various Boston beat maestros that are sure to feed your need for that next level.

The album is exclusively available in the Mashit MP3 download shop, in high quality 320kb MP3 format, and it’s properly tagged including BPM info for those DJs among you. Buying the full album saves a few bucks – get all 14 tracks for only $8.99, plus get the fabulous cover-art by Caracas, Venezuela-based Inkcore.

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Various Artists; Boston Bounce compilation album (.zip) ->

Preview Selected Tracks

DJ C & DJ A; Mega Bounce Robo Orgy

DuoTone; Boston Swing

DJ C; Boston You’re My Bounce

DuoTone; Dread Bounce

Local Fields; Rain Day

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Boston Bounce DJ Mix

Some of the tracks on this compilation are featured in the following mix:

DJ C; Boston (MP3 Download)


  1. DJ C; Boston You’re My Bounce
  2. DuoTone; Boston Swing
  3. DJ C; Ondtu Riddim
  4. DJ Flack; B-Town Swing
  5. Wayne&Wax; Boston Twerk
  6. DJ C; Nuttin Attal
  7. DJ Flack; Surendra Dub
  8. DuoTone; Dread Bounce
  9. M.I.A.; URAQT (DJ C Mix)
  10. Local Fields; Rain Day

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