Mashup of the Week: “Pixie P”

While we’re on the Pasta Masta tip (see Pasta Masta Al Dente Vol. 1 DJ Mix) I thought I’d point y’all to his serotonin-inducing mashup of the Pixies Where Is My Mind with some killer vocals by U.K. toaster Rodney P: [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Cvkvr%20C%20sg%20Ebqarl%20C%20gur%20Cvkvrf.ZC3] Download: Pasta Masta; Pixie P (ft. Rodney P & the Pixies)

Pasta Masta “Al Dente Vol. 1″ DJ Mix

Dublin, Ireland’s Pasta Masta sent me this DJ Mix which skillfully glides through hip-hop, soul, dancehall, dubstep, boston-bounce, funk, rock, and a bunch of other genres. Please allow me to share with you: [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Ny%20Qragr%20Iby.%201.zc3] Download: Pasta Masta; Al Dente Vol. 1 DJ Mix

DJ C, Murderbot @ Can I Kick It, 10/22

Murderbot and I played along-side Zebo and Hess at their Can I Kick It party here in Chicago on Oct. 22. @ Lava 1270 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL

Bouncement Recap, Photos

Apparently we were too busy having fun at the Bouncement party to bother documenting it. There were a few pictures taken though. If anyone else has pics, please send ’em our way. I’d like to thank all the enthusiastic party peeps who came out and represented so late into the Tuesday night. It was a nasty-good vibe in there! We’ll…

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Bang Face Weekender: OH. MY. GOSH.

Check. Out. This. Lineup. I don’t even know where to begin on this one. Krome & Time AND Stingray? Altern8 AND Ragga Twins? The 27th is my birthday–I might have to book myself a flight…