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The label was founded in 2003 to fill a hole in the DJ vinyl market for frenetic ragga-jungle mashups and break-core. The first 12-inch record featured a DJ C track with an Aaron Spectre remix. It sold out right away becoming an underground classic. A series of 12-inches followed and they all went on to wreck dance-floors across the globe.

In October 2004 Legendary BBC Radio One host John Peel chose Mashit as a “label of the month”, and since then the Mashit sound and ethos has continued to evolve.

12-inch Vinyl Discography

Mashit 008 12-inch
Debaser and DJ C; Crazy Baldheads

Mashit 007 12-inch
Murderbot; fi You / Twilight Zone

Mashit 006 12-inch;
DJ Flack; Meet Mr. Doobie / Story of Oh

Mashit 005 12-inch
Wayne&Wax; A It Dat

Mashit 004 12-inch
DJ C; Billy Jungle

Mashit 003 12-inch
EOSS / Moosaka; Wacko Macko is Back / Masters of Technology

Mashit 002 12-inch
DJ Sux / DJ C and Pamelia Kurstin / Sick; Fuck You George Bush / It Gets Worse / Steaktippin’

Mashit 001 12-inch
DJ C / Aaron Spectre; Concience a Heng Dem

There’s more information available at Discogs.com

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