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Rock Rock Rock Remixes

Rock Rock Rock RemixesDJ Donna Summer (AKA Jason Forrest) asked me and a bunch of other crazies to remix his track Rock Rock Rock — the first single on his new Cock Rock Disco release Panther Tracks. The outcome is a 14-track, completely free download album of remixes by folks like Glowstyx, Aaron Spectre, Black Rabbit, and many more. It’s a wild variation of rave-o-licious treats. You can download the whole shebang for free at the CRD site ->

But first, a few individual tracks to wet your whistle:

MP3 Downloads
DJ Donna Summer; Rock Rock Rock Remixes:

Fuck Fuck Fuck (DJ C Mix)

Aaron Spectre Remix

Glowstyx Remix

Rock x 3 – Kids Get Hyphy (Zeddemore Remix)

4 thoughts on “Rock Rock Rock Remixes

  1. these trax are massive DJC. thanks for sharing.
    I’ve already dropped one on tonight and peepl were feeling it quite a bit.
    big yourselve. good work as always!

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