Bouncement Party, Chi-Town ft. Maga Bo

Mashit presents: BOUNCEMENT featuring super dirty bass riddims by MAGA BO (Soot Records, Rio de Janeiro) MURDERBOT (Dead Homies, Kansas City) DJ C (Mashit, Boston) ZEBO (Can I Kick It) and host MC: ZULU (Riddim Killah) Tuesday, Oct 9, 2007, 9pm – 2am Sonotheque 1444 W. Chicago Avenue, Chitown Free b4 10pm. $5 after [youtube zwOs8zBN214] Rio de Janeiro’s Maga…

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Mashit Hype Archive

There’s been quite a bit written about Mashit and a bunch of it is archived over at the old Mashit site. If you’re wondering what slander the press has published about us in the past you can go read for yourself.

Mashit DJ Mix Archive

Over the years we’ve posted quite a few DJ mixes on the Mashit site. We’re not going to re-post all those mixes on the new site but here’s the archive page where you can find many hours of great music from DJ C, Aaron Spectre, Kid Kameleon, Ironside, Foundation Stepper, Murderbot, DJ Wrongspeed, Kano and more.

Mashit 12-inch Release Archive

The Mashit record label was founded in the spring of 2003 by DJ C to fill a need for raggabreaks, dubcore, speedbeats, genreblends, wreckstep, soundclashes, beatresearch, mashups, rewinds, basshits, and boomsounds. The first 12-inch vinyl record featured one of C’s rough-and-rugged-ragga tracks along-side an Aaron Spectre remix. It sold out within weeks of it’s release. The next 7 Mashit 12-inches…

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Protected: Ssion – “Fools Gold” Audio

Ssion – “Clown” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/01-pybja.zc3] (Download 320k mp3) Ssion – “Bullshit” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/02-ohyyfuvg.zc3] Ssion – “Street Jizz” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/03-fgerrg_wvmm.zc3] Video link: Ssion – “Fear Us” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/04-srne_hf.zc3] Ssion – “The Woman” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/05-gur_jbzna.zc3] Ssion – “Dayjob” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/06-qnlwbo.zc3] Ssion – “Warm Glove” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/07-jnez_tybir.zc3] Ssion – “Wolves Eye” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/08-jbyirf_rlr.zc3] Ssion – “Ah Ma” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/09-nu_en.zc3] Ssion – “Heaven” [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/ffvbajro/10-urnira.zc3] (Download 320k mp3) One-Sheet: Promo Poster: Album Cover:…

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