Remix Projects

Mochipet Remix Contest

Mochipet Microphonepet Album CoverRemix tracks from Mochipet‘s Microphonepet album and you just might end up on a big-old slab o vinyl.

Rules & Instructions

  1. Download A Capellas and Remix.
  2. All Samples used in your song must be clear of copyright.
  3. Submit your remix via EMAIL as a 320K mp3 file to remixmicpet[at]
  4. Winner will be chosen by Mochipet, Chris De Luca vs. Phon.o, Darko, DJ C, Jahcoozi, Machine Drum, etc…
  5. We will need a WAV/AIFF from the winner for mastering.
  6. If you win, your remix will be pressed on to a 12″ with other remixes by: Chris De Luca vs. Phon.o, Darko/Spankrock, DJ C, Jahcoozi, Machine Drum, and more… good luck and have fun

You can check the remixes as they come in at the remix context blog, or get more info/connect at the Myspace page.