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Megasoid; Tank Thong Remix Tape

Lazer BassI was reading the New Yorker this week and came across an article by Sasha Frere-Jones in which he coined the term “lazer bass” to describe the music of Montreal-based party crew Megasoid. Ghislain Poirier used to call the genre “big asshole bass” or “big ass bass.” accurate descriptions but less likely to fly as an official term than lazer-bass.

2 more contenders for the title: “raggaclash” and “wonky.” See the comments on this post for more ->

Turns out Sasha’s been writing about lazer-bass on the New Yorker blog too, and that piece is more in-depth; he also mentions LA’s Glitchmob and a crew from Scotland who I hadn’t heard of called LuckyMe.

He says lazer-bass is “a loose affiliation of musicians in California, Montreal, and Glasgow.” That seems true, but I would argue that the affiliation goes far beyond the 3 locals mentioned.

Vancouver, BC for example; check out the track She Lives in San Fransisco on the Myspace player of Max Ulis. He, along with Taal Mala and the Lighta Sound crew, has been rokin’ the sound for a while now. Meanwhile, over in Vienna there’s Stereotyp. He and the Al Haca posse kick out the big-dirty-bass riddims as well. Let’s not forget Philly’s Starkey supplying nuff bass hugeness. Then, across the pond there’s Toddla T outta Shefield U.K.. Down south in Austin, TX there’s Bird Perterson. And further down south in Caracas, Venezuela Pacheko and Cardopusher are shooting serious blasts of bass. There are many more in other parts of the world too.

Clearly some of these artist’s tunes could be said to fall into genres like dubstep, bloghouse, Thank Thong Graphicnu-dancehall, etc., but what ties them all together is what Sasha describes as “Menacing, bass-heavy productions with layers of electronic noise.”

One thing’s for sure; the Megasoid Tank Thong remix tape that Sasha advocates is awesome, so I’m reposting it here:

MP3 Download
Megasoid; Tank Thong Remix Tape


  1. Megasoid f. D-Shade – Tank Thong Intro.
  2. Thunderheist – Jerk It [Megasoid Demo Mix]
  3. Megasoid f. Zulu – Student Riot [Demo Mix]
  4. Bangers and Cash – BOOTAY [Megasoid Rmx]
  5. Justin Timberlake – My Love [Megasoid Rmx]
  6. Dr. Dre – Still DRE [Megasoid Dre Day Cover]
  7. Clipse f. Pharrell – Mr. Me Too [Megasoid Rmx]
  8. Master Ace – Jeep Ass Niguh [Megasoid Version]
  9. Blahzay Blahzay – Danger [Megasoid Re-Rmx]
  10. Busta Rhymes – Touch It [Megasoid Rmx]
  11. Slim Thug / BunB – Ain’t Heard Of That [Mgsd Rmx]
  12. Clipse – Monopoly [Megasoid Rmx]
  13. Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On [Megasoid Rmx]
  14. Nas – Made You Look [Megasoid Rmx]
  15. Old Dirty Bastard – I Like it R.A.W. [Megasoid Rmx]
  16. Hot Dollar – Streets On Lock [Megasoid Rmx]
  17. Bonjay – Gimme Gimme [Megasoid Remix Rddm]
  18. Lazer Sword – Gucci Sweatshirt [Megasoid Rmx]
  19. Dead Prez – Hell Yeah [Megasoid Rmx]
  20. Megasoid f. Isaiah (T.T.T.) – Kick – em Outro

Proppers: Thanks to everyone that has come out to
/ played at our joints! rode with the dudes! Khiasma,
Tash Money, Deadbeat, Ghislain Poirier, Pursuit
Grooves, Mofomatronix, edIT, Boretta, Ooah, Holy
Fuck, Lorn, Daedelus, Young Lunice, Blingmod,
Nosaj Thing, Machinedrum, Zulu, Mouse on Mars,
Plastic Little, Max + The Philly Fam, Al Ripken,
Curtis V, White T’s, Thunderheist, Dana Diesel,
Drugmoney/TSMF’s, Fistfight, The Drake, The
Cool Kids, DowJones / South Rakkas Crew, Benzi,
Buddy Leezle + 215TFK, Mestizo, Isaiah, Miss B,
D-shade, Off The Hook Radio and any other shows
that bump our shit! Thanks for the support!
Bonjay, Hatchmatik + Peer Pressure, Goodlife Posse,
KOPS Crew, Skratch Bastid, Jokers of the Scene,
Tittsworth. Flosstradamus and the rest of Chicago,
Lazer Sword, Ghosts on Tape, Dev79, Dimlite,
Debruit, Free The Robots, Rustie, HudMo, Dom +
Lucky Me Duders, MattSoReal, Daddy Kev, Pasey,
Gaslamp + The Low End Duders, Cassette NYC,
The Mahngoose + Briefcase Rockers Team,
Ghostbeard + Ninjas, Cosmo and Ayers, Mean Red
Ladies, TDbank and Mtlien rooftop/poolraider crews.
Zoobizarre, Sergio, Stef + the rest of our friends.

Low-Bee & Soulstrut Fam’s


Tank Thong is a collection/mix of our favorite
remix material compiled from ideas hashed out
and performed between April 2007 – Feb 2008.
For more info please peep :


We have two monthly Turbo Crunk parties.
They don’t sucks.


14 thoughts on “Lazer-Bass

  1. Just came across this post on the Beat Poetry blog titled “Raggaclash”.

    “I am getting quite excited by a few records at the moment that I believe are being placed under the umbrella term of raggaclash. It’s basically Jamaican techno but is being made by producers from Chicago to Sheffield.”

    Read on ->

  2. Here’s another one, this time from Martin Clark at Pitchfork:

    “As summer 2008 approaches, a theme– not a genre– has emerged across many existing styles of music: the mid-range is being hijacked by off-kilter, unstable synths. Crossing hip-hop, hyphy, grime, chip tunes, dubstep, crunk, and electro, one flavor unites a network of exciting sounds. What do you call it? Wonky.”

    Read on ->

  3. Lazer Bass? Thats just what we need, another genre defined from misreading an original take on an existing sound.

    Good beats though.

  4. Every time I see “wot you call it?” I think of that old song that song that says “Wot you call it .. Garrige? Wot you call it … 2-step? Y’all know what I’m talking about. Anyhow, I played a couple songs from Kraddy’s remixes from his Illegal Album (Capleton – Tek It Off, and Busta Rhymes – Dangerous) at a small BBQ party last weekend and people asked me what I call the Genre. Too bad I never heard of Lazer Bass until today. I just told them Glitch Hop because that’s how Kraddy tagged the MP3s. The amazing part is that everyone in the mixed crowd liked it — and the crowd included people who would “typically” listen to electro/ Nu Skool breaks, jungle/DnB, and house. This stuff seems to work better than grime and dubstep (my long time passion) in the mixed crowd.

    Wonky makes me think of the DnB track “Wonkey Donkey” out on Ganja records.

  5. I listened to this mix just before going to sleep last night. I ended up having some lazer-hyphy dreams. I really like track 2 “Jerk It”. It make me bounce in my seat on the train to work.

  6. I’m not trying to really name what I’m doing, what we’re doing. The only explanation I have is to say that it have roots in : Hip-Hop, Reggae/Ragga and Electronic. That’s it.

  7. An-ten-nae’s ‘Acid Crunk’ series on Muti Music is also very much along these lines too, next one has a Ghislain Poirier remix too, also Canada’s Ill Gates, the guys on bPitch Control in Germany like Modeselektor, Siriusmo, Phono, Colony Records in the UK and other USA artists mostly west coast based and many on Muti Music too, Kraddy, Nanda, Heyoka, Audiovoid, Vibesquad and more emerging all the time.

  8. hey guys, thanks for the repost!
    Ghis has got it: I think we (the mtl.ers) kinda all just refer to it as street-bass-music, but I suppose it could fit into any umbrella at times.

    I think the specific connection that Sasha was referring to was the one of immediate circle of visible friends, which in the case of the the LA, Mtl, Ny, Glasgow is kinda obvious, due to crossed bookings/remixings, but it automatically negates other citys…

    I don’t think it was intentional, and the interview from which he quotes us certainly included references to a lot of other scenes and players than the ones mentioned (I am pretty sure that Van’s Michael Red was included in that interview, as well as high profle berliners like Mdslktr and dudes like Milanese)….

    Anyways, it seems like a good look, although I certainly do not attach a title to the music outside of our club night “Turbo Crunk” which has apparently made it’s own way to genre status, and is just comical to us.

    I mean, people everywhere are making this sound, and the affinity/appeal is broad, so I guess people will throw around titles, we are just trying to make banging rap and dacnehall music that works in the clubs.



    ps: it’s called “Tank Thong”! haha.


  9. Thanks for the comment, Megasoid. Oh, yeah — “Tank Thong”, guess we just really wanted it to be “Thank Thong.” Haha! Change made!

    I agree that category names for music can be silly and confining, but the librarian in me needs to sort through ridiculous amounts of music to use in DJ sets, and I find the “genre” meta-tag field in my software to be extremely helpful for organization. Often I can quickly slap a few keywords into that field to categorize the the track, even when — like many of my favorite tracks — it doesn’t fit neatly into one genre: “dancehall / gabba / new jack swing”.

    I had been noticing though, that certain tracks manage to escape even those broad confines, and it’s at that point when I start to make things up, or search for new terms floating around. I’ve started using the term “party music” or “bouncement” for stuff that will obviously rock the dance-floor but I can’t tell what genre it is.

    Sasha’s article struck me because he was talking about some of this music with the crazy bass-lines that doesn’t fall under the “bassline-house”, “fidget-house” or “dubstep” categories. Now that you mention it, I do notice that the Megasoid stuff is strongly routed in hip-hop/breakbeat rhythms, as apposed to house or dub like those other styles.

    In the end it’s all just music, but I think Sasha was touching on the fact that y’all’re at the un-classifiable forefront. Much respect for that.

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