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Mashup(s) of the Week(s)

More of Our Boots Album CoverOK, it’s officially been over 5 weeks since we posted a “Mashup of the Week” here. Our bad!

Today we’ll try and heal the wounds. Our own wounded blog activity since the o-so-hectic holiday season, and the gaping holes we’ve left in your lives since we haven’t been providing you with a weekly dosage of Mashit mashups.

First of all, allow us to present the following blends that we discovered over on the Virb page of Le Putassier Sound System. Many of these remixes just so happen to borrow heavily from Mashit’s back catalog and we’re thrilled with the outcome. These first two tracks are our faves, but we’re presenting you with one for each of the past 5 weeks that we’ve neglected to supply you with fresh mashups.


Wayne&Wax vs. Kanye West; A It Dat (Gold)

Beyoncé vs. DJ C; Work It Out (Crazy)

Team Shadetek feat. Lil’ Kim; The Jump Off (Balkan Nights Remix)

DJ C vs. Destiny’s Child; Surviver

DJ C vs. Alicia Keys; Billy Knows

Aren’t those awesome!

Track of the Week

Mashit Track of the Week LogoNow that we’ve done our civic duty, we’d like to announce that we’ll be switching this feature from the name “Mashup of the Week” to “Track of the Week.” A number of the tracks we had posted in the past were not really mashups and we don’t want to limit ourselves. So from now on it’s “Track of the Week” and no promises, but we’ll try and stick to it on a more regular basis.