DJ Mixes, Mashit Info

DJ Mix Business PresentsGet ready for a barrage of DJ Mixes from the Mashit camp over the next few days. We’ve got an old-school-rave mix from Dev Null, an all-over-the-place dance-party mix from Brazil’s DJ Kowalski, and we’ll be co-releaseing a 2 part mix by Kid Kameleon: The mighty Spannered website will release his Aim Low mix simultaniously with the release of his Aim High mix over here at

To start things off I’d like to point y’all to the internet radio site Samurai.FM where there’s a brand new Mashit Presents DJ C mix online. We’ll podcast that one here soon, but in the meantime you can stream it over there. You’ll want to check out Samurai’s deep archive of EDM i-radio shows while you’re there. It’s quite a resource.