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Neo-Rave Marches On

I’m noticing (with a heads up from friends like LA disco/law superstar Henry Self) that the whole Neo-Rave pehnomenon is creeping more and more into the mainstream every day (specifically the world of what was once referred to as ELECTROCLASH before that name became terribly unfashionable). Peep the rave influence in these tunes (which are essentially just poppy electro cuts)–the first one is out of Russia and currently out on Tiga’s label, Turbo, and the second is a Princess Superstar / Larry Tee collab with a remix from Hervé (specifically check the piano business that drops about 2 minutes through):

Download: Proxy – Decoy

Download: Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar – Work It Out (Herve Goes Low Remix—edited a bit)

0 thoughts on “Neo-Rave Marches On

  1. totally! the young kids neo-rave bandwagon is 100% electroclash “the next generation” in my observation. i’m all for it as a progression of that as long as you can take all the good (people who dance, new dancefloor tunes that are catchy and have crazy sounds, high energy music) and forget all the bad (people making the same drug mistakes, preoccupation with fashion, naivity that turns to ignorance rather than curiousity). in pgh this sound is just one color in the mega-eclectic djing spectrum, so it’s not burned itself out super hard yet.

    for the record i was into alot of what was labeled electroclash.

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