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Mashit 008 12"

Debaser / DJ C - Crazy Baldheads

This Side:
1) Debaser - Crazy Baldheads (Press Up Mix)

That Side:
1) DJ C - Crazy Baldheads (Mashit Mix)
2) DJ C - Crazy Baldheads (Mashit Version)

Mashit 008, Debaser and DJ C Crazy Baldheads is out now. Debaser's junglist refix of the Bob Marley classic has been ruling dance-floors as a dub-plate for some time now. Those who know the tune are familiar with it's message about the oppressor's control over the downtrodden. A pertinent topic in today's environment of oil hungry money grubbers, and fundamentalist propagandists. DJ C locked himself in a remote cabin in the woods—living for days on nothing but celery, hummus, bourbon, and bud—to toil over his Crazy Baldheads refix. The product of his labor is the B-side to Debaser's updated '05 version.

Many of you are already familiar with the Toronto, Canada based ragga-jungle-dance-floor killer known as Debaser. You may have heard some of the illustrious tunes that he's released on his Press Up, New Lick, and Jungle Royale labels. We're honored that he's chosen to release this classic dub-plate on Mashit 12", along with our own DJ C's remix.

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