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Mashit 002 12"

DJ Sux

Pamelia Kurstin


This Side:
DJ Sux - Fuck You George Bush mp3
DJ Sux’s breakcore epoch “Fuck You George Bush” is a remix of a ditty originally written for daddy Bush back in 1991. Inspired by the [non] election of George Dubya, Sux decided to make this version, and did so on inauguration day 2001. Now that it’s officially campaign season again it’s time for this track to drop. Sux doesn’t have any credentials. He can never get gigs in the Boston area where he dwells. Nobody wants to hear the fucked up, distorted, hardcore shit that he plays. But he doesn’t give a fuck, and just spins the shit for himself in his bedroom.

That Side:
DJ C and Pamelia Kurstin - It Gets Worse mp3
DJ C and Pamelia Kurstin team up for this dancehall jungle mash down. You may remember DJ C's rough and rugged junglist breakcore style from Mashit 001. Pamelia Kurstin is a Brooklyn Therimin virtuoso who has performed and recorded with the likes of Tortoise, Cibo Mato, Sean Lennon, David Burne, Air, Matthew Sweet, and many others. On this track she plays the dark and distorted jungle bass-line, and “string section,” on a replica 1930’s Theremin, made, and given to her as a gift by, the infamous synth-meister Robert Moog.

Sick - Steaktippin’ (EOSS’ Free Range mix) mp3
Sick is one of the many faces of the infamous Keith Fullerton Whitman AKA Hrvatski. The dark jungle mayhem of Steaktippin’ originally appeared on the Attention Cats LP, which was the first release from Whitman’s Recakankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge label. Whitman is also known for his releases on Kranky, Planet µ, and many other labels. The track was remixed by EOSS (Electro Organic Sound System) for the RKK13 CD, a compilation of Attention Cats remixes on Reckank... Said remix appears here for the first time in vinyl format.


"Circuit-bent lo-bit amen fuzzknucklery... damn if it doesn’t rock a progressive dance floor..."

- www.mimaroglumusicsales.com

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