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Mashit 001 12"


Aaron Spectre

DJ C - featuring Capleton: Conscience a Heng Dem
(Junkore Mix) mp3
(Aaron Spectre Remix) mp3

DJ C remixes Capleton’s Conscience a Heng Dem in a rough and rugged junglist breakcore style. Aaron Spectre then remixes that as a punchy jungle mashdown.

C is a Boston genre blender with a taste for anything that’s good. His belief is that at least 90% of all music in any genre sucks. It’s the rest that he searches for, to stir into his mixes.

Aaron Spectre is a Brooklyn dweller who’s been holding down a weekly event at Open Air in the East Village of Manhattan for the past couple of years. He and his Opiate crew mix up styles from deep ambient to raging hardcore.


DJ C featuring Capelton – Conscience a Heng Dem (Mashit 12)
The first release from the appropriately named new American label Mashit makes imaginative use of a militant capelton vocal (an interlude from his ‘more fire’ lp), aggressively cutting up and looping his rasta-inspired toasting. The a side sees DJ C fusing this with some nasty, American style hardcore techno. the aa side is a hardcore jungle remix from Aaron Spectre, certain to appeal to anyone who’s feeling that Soundmurderer/DJ Scud ragga jungle vibe. One for all dem gangster youts...

limited availability 12” available from warpmart and other good outlets.

- Masta G - www.musicalbear.com

DJ C, the man who brought you the Electro Organic Sound System project, returns with a mashed up ragga scorcher. The DJ C track is super dubby and teeters on the breakcore side of things, while Aaron Spectre's remix goes more the route of the ragga/jump up jungle of old. 2 tracks. 100% good. Anyone into ragga, breakcore, or otherwise should check this record out.

- www.soundclash.net

All you BREAKCORE/RUGGED RAGGA fans rejoice! This new US label focuses on Dubcore/ Ragga/Mashups and hard D&B sounds. A-side has ill breakcore drums & mashed up dub sounds topped with the nasty RAGGA stylings of Capelton. Flip is hard edged jungle bizness with full Ragga vox. Fans of Rewind...

- www.djnexus.com

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