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Mashit 007 12"

Release Date: Spring 2005
Murderbot - Fi You / Twilight Zone

This Side:
1) Fi You

That Side:
1) Twilight Zone

By night this mild mannered 22 year old grad student from Kansas City named Chrissy becomes the mysterious party-mashing junglist known as Murderbot. "I got into electronic music pretty early" says Murderbot, who has been playing out at parties since the tender age of 12. "I am an OBSESSIVE record collector--it's a sickness. My favorite jungle label is Tearin' Vinyl. I had a poem about the amen break published in XLR8R once...it was cute." While Music & Program Director at KJHK, the college station at the University of Kansas, Chrissy hosted a radio show of obscure "pre-techno experimental disco" called Superdisco Galactica. "I have never broken a bone, unless you count my skull, which I've cracked open twice. I ate a peanut butter & marshmallow cream sandwich (aka a "fluffernutter") for lunch EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY from the start of kindergarten until my high school graduation. It was partially because I liked them, and partially to prove a point." Murderbot is currently proving the point that classic, mashup, ragga-jungle is the shit. While the music had its heyday in mid-'90s U.K., it never caught on in the USA, and this record is documentation that it's alive and well in Middle America ten years on. Like the very best classic jungle tunes, Murderbot's complex—yet precisely composed—drum programming, and keen sense of harmonic structure, make for tracks that murder the dance-floor and mashup the brain.

"Murderbot demonstrates just how strong his next-generation ragga-core kung-fu skills are on "Fi You," while also demonstrating a strong sense of musical dynamics with his ballsy use of Jethro Tull's "Cross Eye Mary" to build up the tension before the killer breakbeats on "Twilight Zone."
- Howard Shih, Grooves Magazine

"Kansas City's Murderbot is one of the U.S.'s leading ragga jungle producers and "Fi You" blends Waterhouse vocal samples with rattling amens. Headz who'll play anything from Luke Vibert's Plug to Congo Natty plates should check [this] inventive disc..."
- DJ Chopper, XLR8R Magazine

"Fucking hellfire - Mashit 6&7!! Goddamn - the next 2 Mashit 12s are fucking SMOKING man! I'm battling the urge to play all tracks from both back-to-back on the radio show, I swear. They're all off the hinges mate, seriously. Oh yes - these are gonna get fucking RINSED in coming weeks! Peace - and much props!"
- Mr. Trick, Rhythm Incursions, Resonance FM, London

More info at: www.murderbot.net

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