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Mashit 006 12"

Release Date: Spring 2005

DJ Flack - Meet Mr. Doobie / Story of Oh

This Side:
1) Meet Mr. Doobie

That Side:
1) Story of Oh (DJ C Mix)

DJ Flack takes a trip into the jungle with Meet Mr. Doobie, where blazing beats collide with Flack's tradmark sale-bin samples. Story of Oh is a late '90s classic from his Dispenser album, which also contained the Story of Oh remix by EOSS. That remix has been refixed by DJ C for this record. The 2005 version moves the crowd throgh a dub-hop-junglistical interpritation of the moody original [Story of Oh Original Mix MP3].

"With 'Meet Mr. Doobie,' DJ Flack proves that the kitschy tiki-lounge jungle breaks pioneered by Luke Vibert on his seminal trilogy of Plug 12-inches still sound as fun and fresh as they did when they were released nearly a decade ago."
-Howard Shih, Grooves Magazine

"Fucking hellfire - Mashit 6&7!! Goddamn - the next 2 Mashit 12s are fucking SMOKING man! I'm battling the urge to play all tracks from both back-to-back on the radio show, I swear. They're all off the hinges mate, seriously. Oh yes - these are gonna get fucking RINSED in coming weeks! Peace - and much props!"
- Mr. Trick, Rhythm Incursions, Resonance FM, London

DJ Flack (AKA Antony Flackett) specializes in producing a unique brand of beat science spanning the spectrum of music and video. As an electronic musician, his source material ranges from live instruments to bizarre snippets of obscure records rearranged and tweaked into submission. His first solo recordings were featured on the Toneburst Collective compilation CD in 1998 (Bliss Recordings). In 2000 Bliss released Flack’s full length CD Dispenser. Before that he was a member of the beyond underground art-punk band Soothing Sounds for Baby. These days he and DJ C run the weekly club night Beat Research together in the Boston area. They also perform (and record) together as DuoTone, creating bombastic beat collages with turntables, laptops, microphones, and video projections. In this configuration they've rocked clubs, museums, theaters, and parties from New York City to Prague. As an MC, Flack attacks complicated social issues with a sardonic wit while DJ C rocks the human beatbox. Flack is also an accomplished multi-media artist whose videos have been shown the world over, from New York’s Knitting Factory, to the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm Sweden. He incorporates interactive animation into his live sets, as well as his website www.DJFlack.com.

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