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Mashit 005 12"

Release Date: Election Day 2004

Wayne and Wax - A It Dat (Featuring Dami D and Wasp)

This Side:
1) A It Dat
2) A it Dat (instrumental)
3) A it Dat (a capella)

That Side:
1) DJ C It Dat
2) DJ C It Dat (version)

Dubbed "riddim professor" by the Boston Phoenix, Wayne and Wax is a currently writing a Ph.D. dissertation on the thirty-year interplay between hip-hop and reggae. While living in Jamaica during the first half of 2003, Wayne conducted dissertation research, recorded an album’s worth of songs, interviews, and soundscape samples, and initiated a series of digital music workshops in high schools and prisons in and around Kingston. The resulting album Boston Jerk was one of our favorite this past year. The beats are phat and the lyrics are brilliant. "A It Dat" is a tune featuring vocals by Wayne and up and coming Jamaican DJs Dami D and Wasp. Mashit 005 will contain the original dancehall flavored tune — including instrumental and a capella versions — as well as a pair boombastic remixes by DJ C.

"An academic who has taught an electronic-music history course at the Harvard Extension School and is working on his dissertation on hip-hop and reggae's symbiotic relationship, Wayne&Wax puts his theory into practice, dropping beats and rhymes with Jamaican DJs Dami D and Wasp on the bouncing mutant dancehall of 'A It Dat.' Those wanting to come up with their own alternate theories can work from the acapella and instrumentals of the track but will have a hard time matching the junglist jump-up remix by Mashit founder DJ C."
- Howard Shih, Grooves Magazine

"...it's really good... weaving together dancehall-inspired beats, collaborations with Jamaican deejays (meaning MCs), field recording type elements, and his own rhyming, to end up somewhere kinda in between Pirate Flava and Original Pirate Material. Makes you think maybe all academics should make records to flesh out their theories and research findings."
- Simon Reynolds

“There's plenty of information and free music to download on WayneAndWax's site. This track is taken from the album 'Boston Jerk' - music he wrote, apparently, to accompany a dissertation entitled 'Routes, Rap, Reggae: Hearing the Histories of Reggae and Hip-Hop Together'. Don't be fooled by the academic reference - 'Boston Jerk' is full of humour and is a smart north american take on the contemporary Jamaican sound. This is being released through Mashit - a label I only recently discovered and I felt very sorry that I hadn't got there sooner! A mainstay of the label is Boston's DJ C, purveryor of some damn fine breakcore. On his own site there is a huge collection of MP3s to download.”
- Fat Planet Blog

"Phat moving and grooving neo-jungle with full hiphop-vocals out of the boston-underground. Ragga-halftime-intro, breakdowns and sizzling amens. Also includes the mighty hiphop-original (plus instrumental & acapella). Flows like Larry Bird on a bassline-drive."
- NTT Distribution - Dortmund - Germany

For more info on Wayne and Wax check out www.WayneAndWax.com

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