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Mashit 004 12"

This Side:
DJ C - Billy Jungle (featuring Shinehead) mp3

That Side:
DJ C - Billy Jungle (version) mp3

In 2003 DJ C started the Mashit label to release hard-hitting ragga-junglistical mashups. Mashit 001 featured rough and rugged remixes of Capleton by DJ C and Aaron Spectre, and sold out within weeks of it’s release. All the Mashit records have garnered nuf respect from Japan to Australia, Budapest to Brooklyn. Mashit 004 is no exception. Advanced promos were already killing dance-floors across Europe and the US before it's release.

What’s the buzz about? DJ C has outdone himself this time, remixing the remix. Versioning the version. Making a classic classic classic, a raging dance-hop-jungcore masterpiece.

BBC Radio One DJ Rob Da Bank writing in URB Magazine about Billy Jungle:
"One of the most forward-looking [US] labels (if you like your electronics mashed up) finally releases this version of the Shinehead original, which was a corking reggae version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." If you ever need a record to get a party started and you've forgotten your copy of Blue Monday, whack this on."

**** Four Stars - Pitchforkmedia - Jess Harvell
"DJ C takes us back to a time when [MJ] convinced the world he was an inveterate seed-spreader while seducing us into feeling sorry for him. (Which, in a much grosser way, he's still doing.) I actually think it's a new vocal or some contemporaneous lovers rock version over a heavy stepping intro (kicks holes through that light-up sidewalk) and a tear out that proves even at his slickest, our biggest public pervert was rugged never smooth.

Grooves Magazine - Sean Portnoy
"Mashit head honcho DJ C has added to the fray with his label's string of 12-inches straight outta Boston. He's behind the controls for the latest EP, which features a version of Shinehead's "Billy Jean" – itself a version of "Billie Jean" – and then offers a version of C's version on the flip side. Of course, fourth-generation versioning is just a start of things in dancehall culture, where a new rhythm can spawn 20 different versions in the time it takes to smoke a spliff.

You can't miss with anything based around "Billie Jean," and Shinehead added a distinctive little whistle based on "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" to his version. C frames the verses with those all-so-familiar frantic breaks, but the see-saw effect of the tempo changes gives this a bopping, almost paradoxically laid-back feel in an otherwise-manic genre. C's versioning of the A-side strips our the lyrics, bringing focus to the whistle and the beats – probably a more palatable trak for the breakcore massive, but it isn't quite as much pop fun."

www.musicalbear.com - Masta G
"The most recent outing from DJ C has been rinsed out by John Peel, Resonance, Ninja Tune and happy junglists in Europe and the U.S. – no surprise there as he’s really excelled himself this time with a scorching version of Shinehead’s classic, old skool dancehall take on Billy Jean (it’s all about versioning the version). There’s just enough of the morricone sampling original to lull you into a skanking reggae vibe before the amen breaks come crashing in, leaving you clinging on to that elusive melody – ‘they told me her name was billy jean...’. It’s hard to make an impact when you take on one of the most versioned tunes in dance music but this more than succeeds and has kept us at the Bear entertained and amazed since we first dropped the needle on the test pressing. We don’t usually review stuff that’s not available to buy in the U.K., but this is well worth paying u.s. postage costs for – a proper anthem."

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